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The Dripby Brew Editors5:05 pmJan 31, 20200

Public testimony now allowed at rescheduled Royal Farms hearing

Above: Residents rally in opposition to a Royal Farms at Glenmore Avenue and Harford Road back in 2012. (Brew file photo)

Baltimore zoning officials have rescheduled the Hamilton Royal Farms hearing that was postponed, setting a new date of March 10 and promising members of the public that they may testify in person.

“The board would like to hear testimony from any party on the changes that have occurred in the immediate area of 5901-21 Harford [Road] and how those changes impact the proposed gas station and convenience store,” Derek J. Baumgardner, the zoning board’s executive director, told the lawyer representing residents opposed to the project.

“We will request that DOT and Planning opine on same,” Baumgardner wrote in a letter sent today.

The attorney, John C. Murphy, had objected to the board’s plan to hold a “re-deliberation” of the case that dates back to a 2015 hearing on the case.

Baumgardner also disclosed the format for the public portion of the meeting in March.

“The board will likely limit each side to 30 minutes or so for testimony, and will likely offer both sides 10 minutes or so of argument as to how that testimony impacts the conditional use and variance standards as applied in this case,” he wrote.

Anyone who would like to submit written testimony should submit material to the zoning board by March 6.

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