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by Mark Reutter10:00 amJan 17, 20230

Pregnant woman rear-ended by Baltimore cop to get $190,000

Officer Brendan R. Brown plowed into the stopped vehicle, “causing significant damage,” according to the settlement sheet

Above: Settlements stemming from the illegal activities of the Baltimore Police Department’s Gun Trace Task Force unit continue to mount. (Mark Reutter)

A woman rear-ended by a Baltimore police officer while stopped at a red light will be awarded $190,000 by the Board of Estimates tomorrow.

The settlement ends a lawsuit, originally set for trial next week, brought by Rebekah Washington against Officer Brendan R. Brown.

Three years ago while on routine patrol, Brown failed to control the speed of his cruiser and crashed into a vehicle carrying Washington on the 700 block of Ensor Street in Oldtown, “causing significant damage,” according to the settlement sheet in the BOE agenda.

Pregnant at the time and wearing a seat belt, she suffered injuries to her neck and back, including a herniated disc, according to the city.

“Ms. Washington continues to experience spasms and low back pain which continues to have an adverse effect on her daily life activities, including raising her three children, which are permanent in nature.” the settlement sheet says.

The Hyattsville resident filed a lawsuit against Officer Brown in August 2021, which slowly advanced in Baltimore Circuit Court, with the city law department defending the seven-year veteran.

Brown is also the subject of a “motor tort” lawsuit filed last April in Baltimore Circuit Court by a Waldorf woman, according to the Maryland Judiciary Case Search database.

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