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UPDATE: Officer involved in rear-end collision, which injured pregnant woman, fined $1,000

Meanwhile, city taxpayers will pay $190,000 in a settlement approved by the Board of Estimates today

For negligence while piloting his police cruiser, which resulted in a rear-end collision that sent a pregnant 24-year-old to the emergency room, a Baltimore Police officer was fined $1,000 and given a letter of reprimand, the Board of Estimates was told today.

The punishment was disclosed under questioning by Comptroller Bill Henry as the board approved a $190,000 cash settlement with the victim, Rebekah Washington of Hyattsville.

Washington suffered lasting injuries after Officer Brendan R. Brown crashed into the vehicle she was traveling in, which was stopped at a red light on Ensor Street in East Baltimore.

Pregnant woman rear-ended by Baltimore cop to get $190,000 (1/17/23)

The resulting impact knocked her car into the Monument Street intersection, Deputy Solicitor Stephen Salsbury told the board today.

Though seat-belted, Washington sustained neck injuries and a herniated disc. There were no complications involving the pregnancy.

Officer at Fault

Salsbury said there was no malfunction in the police car, and the December 2019 accident was the fault of the officer, who was on routine patrol.

Under its contract with the Fraternal Order of Police, the city pays for the legal representation of officers sued in court. Washington asked for $350,000 in her lawsuit, but the amount was whittled down to $190,000, Salsbury said. The case was scheduled to go to trial next week.

Asked by Henry if Officer Brown had other pending cases regarding his driving, Salsbury said he did not know and would have to check.

Yesterday The Brew reported that a “motor tort” was filed last April by a Waldorf woman against the officer (see below).

Motor tort filed against Officer Brown last April in Baltimore Circuit Court. (Maryland Judiciary Case Search)

Hired in 2015, Brown remains on the force and was paid $103,400 in 2021, including $25,300 in overtime, according to online salary records.

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