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Exclusive: Baltimore Sun reviving Sunday magazine

The new magazine will debut September 12th.

Above: Joseph Pulitzer’s New York “World” published a Sunday magazine; here’s how it looked on Oct. 15, 1899.

Like the ivory billed woodpecker, the idea of a colorful Sunday magazine published by your daily newspaper has been assumed to be practically extinct. But now it turns out the species is making a comeback, in at least one city — Baltimore.

Baltimore Sun Editor Mary J. Corey will be reviving the newspaper’s former Sunday Sun Magazine in the middle of September, according to Renee Mutchnik, Director of Marketing and Communications.

No official announcement from the Sun has been made, but the magazine is already in the process of selling advertising, and Sun City Hall reporter Julie Scharper mentioned the publication in a casual tweet:

“The Sun published a Sunday magazine until the 1990s,” tweeted Scharper. “Our top editor, @maryjcorey, is bringing it back.”

Mutchnik confirmed that the magazine, which will keep the former title, “Sun Magazine,” will debut Sunday, September 12th.

Why now?

“We’re doing a lot of enhancing the paper,” said Mutchnik.  “We’ve debuted a lot of new sections lately.”

She was referring to the paper’s new stand-alone business section and the Monday “Sunrise” section (“Glimpsed at Work,” “My desk, My life,” reader photos, reality TV doings), among others, additions she said are part of “meeting our clients’ needs, meeting our readers needs and being able to reinvest in our product.”

Sun reporter Jean Marbella will write one of the articles featured in the magazine’s first edition, Scharper said.

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