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The Dripby Brew Editors5:57 pmOct 8, 20100

Street artist Gaia connects urban Baltimore to Mother Earth

Above: Street art on a Howard Street electrical box

The creator of the huge black-and-white images of birds and other creatures found on Baltimore’s vacant buildings and transformer boxes ( images captured by the Brew several weeks ago) is interviewed in the current Urbanite.

Image of a rooster-headed man by street artist

Image of a rooster-headed man by street artist "Gaia" (Image courtesy of Redefine Mag)

Gaia, who goes by the name of the Greek goddess of the Earth, spoke to the Urbanite’s Elizabeth Evitts Dickinson about his desire to use illustration, stencils, wheat paste, and other mediums to create half-human/half-animal creatures that he says are “expressive of the contention between the wild and civilization.”

His  work has appeared  beyond Baltimore, he said,  to places like Seoul and the East Village.

“Baltimore’s been a fantastic canvas, which is sad because ultimately my work wouldn’t exist if there wasn’t any neglected space,” he told Evitts Dickinson.

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