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The Dripby Liam Quigley5:24 pmNov 9, 20100

West Lanvale Street “contra-flow” bike lane completed (but obstructed)

Above: A car blocks Lanvale’s new new Contra-flow bike lane because parking signs haven’t been updated.

All photos by Liam Quigley

A new contra-flow bike lane for West Lanvale Street was first announced months ago, along with the installation of signage alerting motorists heading East on Lanvale of oncoming bicycle traffic and signage indicating cyclists were allowed to ride against traffic towards Maryland Avenue.

Finally, and after a reported shortage of thermoplast, which is used to paint the yellow roadway markings, the lane is now more or less complete up to its terminus at Maryland Avenue.

The lane looks excellent – visible, and in a good spot for cyclists wanting to connect to Falls Road and Maryland Avenue.

But there’s one little problem – parking signs have not been updated in the spots outside Velocipede to indicate the curb as a “no stopping” zone, as it should be.

“No stopping” means no parking and no temporary stopping, like leaving your car standing while
you run in a store.

What should be a new safeguard is now, without those signs, simply a dangerous route, since cyclists who use it will be squeezed into oncoming traffic with little room to spare.

Look for an update soon on when this issue will be corrected.

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