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‘Stache Bash raises 22k for local schools

Above: Matt Greenwood’s ‘stache is “evaluated” by one of the event judges.

After a month of odd looks, nose blowing technical difficulties, and too many Hall and Oates and Magnum PI references to count, this year’s Mustaches for Kids participants were finally able to show off their bristly crumb-catchers to the excited crowd at Frazier’s during Saturday night’s ‘Stache Bash.

The event celebrated a month of fund-raising where 100 volunteer mustache growers raised over $22,000 for city schools.

The growth on display ran the gamut from soup-strainer to lip fuzz, and was expertly judged by a panel that included a Ravens cheerleader and Craig Martin, owner of Baltimore’s own barbershop Quintessential Gentleman.

Collected below are a few prime examples of the evening’s entertainment:

Garrett Titlebaum, a Maryland Athetlic Club employee, raised $50 after his neighbor's girlfriend, and organizer of the event, convinced him to grow a 'stache in support of city schools.

Chris Leonavicius' 'stache was "painful during Thanksgiving around the relatives" but managed to raise $125 dollars for the cause.

Nick Greer, 2009 teacher of the year, named his mustache "Oats and not Hall" after it helped him raise $500, the second highest in his three years of competing.

City College teacher Rob Hathaway wished he could have raised more, but felt that he was still "fighting the good fight" with his $50.

Craig Martin, one of the event's judges and owner of the men's store The Quintessential Gentleman, raised over $500 alongside employees at his shop..

Ryan Gens managed to raise $220 in his first year despite a month of "harassment."

In addition to appearance, mustaches were evaluated on their "feel" by the judges table

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