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Baltimore to spotlight charters at first Progressive Education Summit

Seven years after their founding, City Neighbors Charter School is ready to share what they have learned with schools throughout Baltimore City during their first annual Progressive Education Summit. The summit is an all-day event from 9 AM to 3 PM on Saturday January 22nd at City Neighbors High School and will showcase some of the “best practices” developed there, organizers said.

Shané Bennett, a founding staff member at City Neighbors and one of the lead organizers of the event, explained that progressive education is not something that can easily be defined but is instead something seen in the classroom, where education is “student focused, hands on, authentic learning, community centered, built on relationships, emergent, and empowering.”

“This summit is meant to alleviate the sense of isolation in the charter school environment,” explained Bennett. “It is not simply to show what we do well, but putting it all out there so we can improve.”

There are 29 charter schools currently operating in Baltimore City, and most of these have opened in the past three years. This event is meant to provide these newly approved schools, as well as what Bennet describes as “traditional schools,” with the resources they need in order to succeed.

The event, which is funded through a grant from the Goldseker Foundation and a partnership with the Northeast Schools Alliance, will feature workshops and presentations given by faculty, staff and students from both traditional and charter schools from within the City.

CEO of City Schools Andrés Alonso, along with author and former school teacher Ron Berger, will be the keynote speakers. Tickets to the event can be reserved at Eventbrite.

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