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Peace, and a break from Brewing

Above: Peace is a beautiful thing, hon, in whatever the language.

In case you haven’t noticed, the Brewers are hibernating here for a week during the holiday break, spending the time as you are hanging out with our families, reading our Christmas books, playing with our Christmas toys and otherwise taking a nice little rest from meetings and mayhem, drips and tweets.

Hampden was a great place to celebrate that idea tonight. The famed holiday lights on the 700 block of 34th Street were glowing but quiet, with electric-light droplets of Natty Boh twinkling as they “fell” into a glass.

The flags of many lands, bearing messages of peace in many languages, fluttered at The Peace House.

And in a manger where the Holy Family’s heads were made out of gold-spray-painted LP’s, Teddy Pendergrass appeared to be standing for Joseph (“Life is a Song Worth Singing”) and Marlene Dietrich (in the form of a “Best of. . .” album) was Mother Mary. Now that’s a power couple.

Guess we’ll leave you with that image, Brew readers, and the wish that you find your own holiday moments in Baltimore that are peaceful, wild and refreshing.

Back next week after the 1st. . .

LP nativity set

Boh, Boh, Boh, Merry Christmas!

Boh, Boh, Boh, Merry Christmas!

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