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The Dripby Dean Bartoli Smith6:53 pmFeb 3, 20130

Superbowl Scene: Baltimore goes well with bourbon

Purple invades Bourbon Street as Ravens fans flock to NOLA.

From Frenchman Street to Canal and along Jackson Square, Ravens fans have been making their presence felt in the Crescent City this weekend.

Spontaneous eruptions of the “Seven Nation Army” anthem can be heard all over town. Purple jerseys are prevalent as far as the eye can see.

There are also common bonds between the cities when Purple Festivus meets Mardi Gras.

“New Orleans is grateful to host the Superbowl but we got hosed by the commish on the bounty scandal,” said Laurent LeBien of Metairie, a Saints fan who has noticed an invasion of purple into his city. “Ravens fans are everywhere and purple is a Mardi Gras color.”

Baltimore and New Orleans share similarities. There’s our Charles Street and there’s their St. Charles Avenue. David Simon writes about them both. There’s a big port in each town. Plus the delectable lump meat of Callinectus Sapidus can be readily found in each burg’s cuisine.

Baltimore once housed Poe and F. Scott Fitzgerald, and New Orleans claims Anne Rice and John Kennedy Toole, among others.

A raven on Bourbon Street. (Photo by Dean Bartoli Smith)

A raven on Bourbon Street. (Photo by Dean Bartoli Smith)

Both towns possess more than their fair share of charm as well as challenges that at times evoke the notion of “A Confederacy of Dunces.”

Johnny U on Bourbon Street

New Orleanians and Baltimoreans love their football. On Bourbon Street this afternoon there was a Johnny Unitas sighting and many Saints fans in full uniform. Purple beads rained from balconies.

At 2:52 p.m., a massive Ravens march trudged from lower Toulouse street to the Superdome.

“They love us,” said Steve Sneckenburger of Harford County. “Saints fans hate Goodell, but they hate the 49ers more.”

With temps in the 60s and football fans headed to the Superdome, everyone had it pretty good.

Now on to XLVII . . .

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