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The Dripby Mark Reutter1:21 pmFeb 10, 20150

City to pay $150,000 to settle police shooting

Officer involved in earlier $100,000 wrongful arrest case

The Board of Estimates is set to pay $150,000 tomorrow to settle a lawsuit against a police officer who cost the city $100,000 in earlier false arrest case.

Detective Calvin P. Moss fired at Marque Marshall, who was fleeing from officers after his car was stopped for a traffic violation in Northeast Baltimore on January 2, 2013.

One officer reported seeing a handgun on Marshall before Moss shot the 26-year-old in the left hand. No handgun was found at the scene, and Marshall required hand surgery at Union Memorial Hospital to repair nerves and two damaged fingers.

Marshall filed a suit in Baltimore Circuit Court. His case was about to go to trial last December when he agreed to drop the suit for the $150,000 payment. (As with all out-of-court settlements, the city and police officers involved do not admit or deny guilt.)

Moss was assigned to the special enforcement section of the Northeast patrol division at the time of the shooting. He remains on the force after being placed on paid administrative leave.

In 2007, Moss and partner Daniel Hersl arrested a school cafeteria worker for allegedly selling drugs on Harford Road. All charges against the women, who was actually selling church raffle tickets, were dropped, and the Board of Estimates paid her $100,000 to drop her suit.

Last September, the city settled a lawsuit against Hersl for $49,000. The detective was accused of beating up a handcuffed man, later found guilty of drug violations, on East North Avenue in 2010.

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