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Crime & Justiceby Brew Editors4:10 pmJun 8, 20180

Two more Gun Trace Task Force cops head to prison

Seven years each for detectives who broke into homes and filed false overtime

Above: Former GTTF detectives Evodio Hendrix, left, and Maurice Ward cooperated with prosecutors. (WZJ)

Two of the eight cops convicted in the Gun Trace Task Force scandal were handed comparatively light prison sentences today, in part because they have cooperated with federal prosecutors.

Evodio Hendrix, 32, and Maurice Ward, 36, were each ordered to prison for seven years by U.S. District Court Judge Catherine Blake.

Hendrix admitted to committing five robberies, including one of a taxi driver near Mondawmin Mall and another when he and Ward broke into a home to steal $20,000 each.

In another robbery, the two men searched a home and stole $2,000 from a shoe box and $15,000 hidden inside a boot. They also admitted to regularly billing the city for fraudulent overtime, sometimes while vacationing out-of-state.

Despite the felonies they committed, the two men did not engage in as widespread racketeering as other GTTF officers, according to prosecutors.

The men have also cooperated with the U.S. attorney’s office, providing information about the conduct of other officers in an incident that remains under investigation.

Despite the felonies they committed, Hendrix and Ward did not engage in as widespread racketeering as other GTTF officers, prosecutors said.

On Thursday, the ringleader of the GTTF, Sgt. Wayne Earl Jenkins, was sentenced to 25 years in prison. Detective Maurice Ward, who was convicted by a federal jury after fighting the charges, received 18 years.

Last month, another GTTF supervisor, Sgt. Thomas Allers, received a 15-year sentence.

Daniel Hersl, who was convicted with Ward for racketeering last February, is set to be sentenced on June 20.

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