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The Dripby Brew Editors2:16 pmJun 14, 20200

Dixon concedes, says she’s “at peace” with Democratic primary loss

After failing in her bid to reprise her role as mayor, she lauds Democratic nominee Scott, “a young man I have watched grow in public service”

Above: Sheila Dixon said she had no idea the wellness center’s loan came from money voters had approved for affordable housing. (Fern Shen)

Congratulating City Council President Brandon Scott, former mayor Sheila Dixon has conceded the 2020 Democratic mayoral primary after Scott defeated her, 29.6% to 27.5%.

Baltimore’s mayor from 2007 to 2010, Dixon sought a comeback, saying she had apologized for the corruption scandal that cut short her term in office and was now the best positioned candidate lead the city at a critical time.

“This is simply a part of the journey,” Dixon said, in an email to supporters yesterday.

“At the end of every completive journey worth pursuing there is a crossroads. One road is identified with a sign of victory and the other is a yield sign which signals us to yield to the successor,” she continued. “The latter leads us towards a victory sign within ourselves – a place that empowers and celebrates who we are regardless of the outcome.”

City elections officials, who failed to meet a Friday deadline to certify the vote, released results last week that put Scott 3,145 votes ahead of Dixon.

Dixon initially had expressed concern about the way the mostly-by-mail primary was conducted – there had been widespread reports of late, missing and erroneous ballots and long lines at in-person voting centers.

But by the weekend she was ready to bring her campaign officially to an end.

“I formally concede and offer my sincerest congratulations to a young man who is a native of this city, a product of our public schools, a young man I have watched grow in public service,” she wrote. “A young man I have conversed with on many issues and one who has secured the mayoral democratic nomination – Brandon M. Scott.”

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