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News conference planned to support Marilyn Mosby and Black women prosecutors

The event, on the same day as a CNN town hall with President Biden, comes after a long silence from federal prosecutors who last March subpoenaed records pertaining to Marilyn and Nick Mosby

Above: Marilyn Mosby posted a photo of a luncheon with her defenders. From left, publicist Robyn Murphy, Baltimore NAACP President Kobi Little, attorney A. Scott Bolden, SAO Community Liaison Devon Brown, Mosby, husband Nick Mosby, attorney Ben Crump and attorney J. Wyndal Gordon. (Facebook)

As announced this morning on Twitter, prominent civil rights attorney Ben Crump says that he and others will appear in Baltimore today to “illuminate disparate attacks faced by African American female prosecutors in America,” most prominently Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby.

“State Attorney Marilyn Mosby is currently under a politically motivated federal investigation in Baltimore City,” Crump’s firm said in a media alert.

Crump, whose firm represented the families of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and others in high-profile cases, is to be joined by Mosby’s attorney A. Scott Bolden, Pastor Jamal Bryant, Baltimore NAACP President Kobi Little and Rev. Todd Yeary of Douglas Memorial Community Church.

The announcement comes after months of silence from federal prosecutors, who confirmed in March that they had opened a criminal investigation of Mosby and her husband, City Council President Nick Mosby, subpoenaing her campaign and the couple’s business records.

Since then, a new Maryland U.S. Attorney was confirmed – former Prince George’s County Delegate Erek L. Barron.

The news conference falls on the same day that President Biden is set to appear in Baltimore for a town hall sponsored by CNN, attracting the national press to Baltimore.

Biden’s event is scheduled to take place at 8 p.m. at Center Stage on North Calvert Street.

Marilyn Mosby with her husband Nick and defense attorneys A. Scott Bolden and Ben Crump at the October 21 luncheon. (Facebook)

Marilyn Mosby with her husband Nick, defense attorneys A. Scott Bolden and Ben Crump, and Baltimore NAACP President Kobi Little at the October 21 luncheon. (Facebook)

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