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The Dripby Brew Editors7:27 pmFeb 1, 20120

Baltimore’s guerrilla crosswalk artists

Above: Lou Catelli’s late-night intersection enhancement on Hampden’s 36th St.: a homemade crosswalk.

Transportation officials don’t like it, but Hampden residents are apparently fed up – they want cross-walks repainted on The Avenue and if the city’s not going to maintain the crosswalks on this busy north Baltimore street, they’re doing it themselves.

Deborah Patterson, a former OSI-Baltimore Community Fellow who runs ArtBlocks, is one of the ringleaders. She’s planning to install art crosswalks in Hampden intersections, but has run into many delays dealing with the city, according to OSI’s Jed Weeks, who happened to encounter her do-it-yourself crosswalk project very early this morning upon coming out of a restaurant.

“I took some photos and videos of the action, including officers responding to a ‘Destruction of City Property’ complaint, who after hearing the explanation of what everyone was doing, left,” Weeks wrote. Patch’s Adam Bednar has a pretty good write-up of the whole thing.

The latest example of citizens using art to strike back at what they see as government’s street-level lapses and affronts.

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