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The Dripby Brew Editors7:32 amApr 20, 20120

VIDEO: The trash a student sees on his way to school

Here’s a video sent to us by Baltimore City Public School student Hayden Parlato on the eve of “Spring Cleanup Day” sponsored by the city.

And here’s what he wrote in an email to The Brew:

“Hello my name is Hayden Parlato, i am a sophmore at Baltimore City College High School. Each day as i go to and from school the streets i pass are covered with trash. I wanted to spread awareness of the fact that our city is becoming overrun with litter, but i can only do so mush as a high school sophmore, so my dad and i worked together to make a video showing some of what we see on a daily basis. So now i ask that you take fjust a few minutes out of your day to watch this video and respond to me and hopefully we can spread this video and awareness of this problem, so that we can finally see a change.

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