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The Dripby Fern Shen2:51 pmNov 18, 20120

What was hot under the JFX this morning?

Pre-Thanksgiving food fever in Baltimore.

Above: Lively tunes and LOTS of shoppers at the farmers’ market under the JFX today, with Thanksgiving around the corner.

Sage was selling out! Certain apples were causing major pedestrian traffic congestion! And so were string beans – possibly for all those dreaded Campbell’s-mushroom-soup-greenbean-and-onion-ring-casseroles!

That was the scene under the Jones Falls Expressway today at the city’s biggest farmers market, with Thanksgiving approaching this Thursday and cooks across Baltimore feeling the pressure of America’s most food-centric holiday.

“I have three recipes with wild mushrooms and I can’t remember which ones they call for,” I told the woman standing over an amazing array of fancy fungi, as I dropped a good chunk of change on the deluxe variety pack.

Luckily, there were some calm characters there to mellow me out.

There was a woman named Evelyn, who told me she likes the market because you just find yourself talking to strangers there. She’s right.

Then there was Jim Krebs, of Westminster, who looked at my camera, told me he got a degree in photojournalism at the Rochester Institute of Technology and wound up making his living as a farmer. He meant the story as a cautionary tale, though he still takes photos, albeit of his own produce. He cheerfully showed me a neat one.

Anyway I’ll let my photos do the talking at this point . . .

Fern Shen Photo


Sage for sale


At the Ethel and Ramone's jambalaya stand, the stirrer was small but his spoon was BIG.

At the Ethel and Ramone’s jambalaya stand, the stirrer was small but his spoon was BIG.

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