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The Dripby Brew Editors8:20 pmMay 9, 20130

Charles St. to be closed for next year above 29th

Above: End of the road: Charles Street at 29th.

The $25 million rehabilitation of Charles Street is now in full swing, with its main northbound lanes closed between 29th Street and University Parkway.

Passing the Homewood campus of Johns Hopkins University, the roadway will remain shut for the next 12 months as the 100-year-old infrastructure is replaced with a redesigned roadway, curbs, walkways, streetlights and signage, Adrienne D. Barnes, spokesperson for the city Department of Transportation, said today.

In the interim, the six blocks north of 29th will be accessible to local traffic on a north service road. Angled parking along the widened road will make up for some of the parking lost with the closing of the main thoroughfare.

East-west traffic between Art Museum Drive and 33rd Street will be funneled in single lanes through the construction site. Bus service has been detoured on Calvert Street between 28th St. and University Parkway.

Caught in the mix of heavy road equipment and underground excavations? Students who must navigate between the busy Hopkins campus and Charles Village apartments and dorms on temporary walkways.

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