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The Dripby Mark Reutter12:26 pmDec 19, 20130

Male/Female + sun = good cheer

Above: About 7:20 this am, approaching the Charles Street bridge over the Jones Falls Expressway.

Even as we approach the shortest day of the year, the sun can make a dazzling display to enliven a trip by The Brew to report first-hand on the city’s crumbling infrastructure (the Madison Street water break).

I’m no fan of the physically over-sized and metaphorically underwhelming Male/Female sculpture in front of Penn Station. But I thought its outstretched hands, beckoning the sun’s resplendent rays like an Inca god, made a nice detail in this through-the-windshield shot of dawn breaking over Baltimore.


NOTE: Brew Editor Fern Shen, who describes herself as “one of the six people in town who kind of like Male/Female,” asked me to note that fact. I’m curious if any of the other five want to chime in . . .

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