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Be good to Baltimore, Santa!

Over here at The Brew, we’re hoisting a mug of hot chocolate and taking a holiday break

Above: In 2015, a family poses with Santa at Hampden’s Miracle on 34th Street holiday light display. (Fern Shen)

Ho, ho, holy moly! What a year. . .

Thank goodness for the winter holiday season and the chance/excuse we all have to take a little break.

Revelry, reflection and relaxation: that’s what’s on our to-do list.

We’ll be stepping away from the cellphones and keyboards and coming back at it afresh in 2016  – on or about January 4 – with more of the accountability and community reporting our readers tell us they love. (In the interim, we will continue to post comments.)

Thank you, by the way, readers. It’s a good time to say that, too.

We appreciate your kind words, great insights, feedback, insider knowledge, heads-ups about typos, and even occasional rebukes and criticism over the last year. Much respect and gratitude.

And a major shout-out to all of our financial supporters for the essential aid that helps us do what we do.

Thanks to you, we’re looking forward to doing even more top-notch reporting after the new year.

Who knows what 2016 will bring to this city and its residents. But whatever happens, we’ll be out there doing our best to cover it.

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