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Furloughed federal workers get a break on late Baltimore water bills

Late fees will be waived and payment plans set up to help those hurt by the U.S. government shutdown, Mayor Pugh says

Above: The Department of Public Works announces an independent review of city water billing amid persistent reports of billing errors, and after the latest rate hike stirs customer ire. (Mark Reutter)

Responding to the U.S. government shutdown, Baltimore officials are offering assistance to furloughed federal employees, waiving late fees for delinquent water bills and allowing them to set up payment plans.

“This shutdown – now the longest ever – is creating financial constraints on hundreds of thousands of hard-working people, many of whom live in Baltimore,” said Mayor Catherine Pugh.

“They deserve our compassion, and we can begin to provide that by not punishing our customers when their water bills get paid late,” Pugh added in a statement released today.

The policy applies to federal contractors as well as employees in Baltimore City and Baltimore County, permitting them to pay off their water and wastewater bills over time once the government shutdown ends and employees again receive paychecks.

Eligible Department of Public Works water customers should send a copy of their work ID and/or a copy of their furlough letter.

For quicker service, a picture of the ID or letter can be emailed to DPW’s Customer Support and Services Division at DPW.billing@baltimorecity.gov.

Also include your name, address, and account number, and note whether you would like to set up a payment plan as well as a late fee waiver, the announcement says.

The release points out that any customer who falls behind in their bills may request a repayment plan to help them become current.

Contact the email address above or call 410-396-5398 to discuss your account further.

Customers with a household income within 175% of federal poverty level may qualify for a one-time credit of $236 toward a payment plan.

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